Relationships are hard work, especially when you have been together for a long time.

No one prepares you for that.

You go into the relationship bright eyed and bushy-tailed thinking “I finally have someone in my life who loves and respects me, who supports me”. It’s heartbreaking when things start breaking down.

You start replaying your life together in your head, where did it all go wrong? Was it me, was it him or was it never right to begin with.

You don’t communicate well, your arguments are escalating. They’re more frequent and intense.

The more you try to bring back connection and support, you drift further apart. You try and bring up the issues and talk through things but nothing’s improving.

When you throw kids into the mix, his family, your family, your upbringing it all feels too much.
You start wondering is it meant to be like this, do I fight for it or let go? Am I the only one trying, you both have so much to improve on but where do you start?

Vanja Beric is a seasoned Relationship and Marriage Counsellor with years of experience in helping couples transform their relationships by learning how to communicate and resolve conflict.


Through her knowledge of Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology, she guides couples towards a fulfilling life and happier marriage. Using extensive training & different modalities along with her intuition, Vanja helps clients get to the root of their problems and heal from within. Her approach is centered around empowering you to overcome past pain and embrace a brighter future.

Unlock the Life and Relationship You’ve Always Dreamed Of 

It’s Possible!

Stop Arguing and

Start Loving Each Other Again

The truth is… you’re both focusing on what each of you has done wrong and how the other person needs to change. Which is normal right?. But the thing is….you actually need to turn that focus around and take a look at what’s driving your own actions.


You need to figure out why you act & react the way you do. It’s essential to understand where your conflict & communication styles. These are the KEYS that unlock healthy relationships.


As co-creators in your relationship, you each play a role in how it’s currently operating (regardless of the trigger/s). Let us help you short-circuit any toxic patterns holding you both back and pivot you both into a space of insight, accountability and life-changing growth and connection.

“Change the way you look at each-other, THEN each other will change”!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to give our therapist a solid five stars! Seriously, where do we even begin? From the get-go, she made us feel heard and understood. It was like talking to a wise friend who somehow always knows the right things to say. Her guidance has been a game-changer for our relationship, offering insights that we never thought of before. Plus, she managed to sprinkle in some humor when things got heavy, making the sessions not just helpful but enjoyable too. If you’re on the hunt for a therapist who’s like a relationship superhero, this is your person. Five stars all the way!


If you’re ready to start doing things differently, to create more connection and respect in your relationship.

To find that zest for life (and your relationship) you once had, book in a call now!