Vanja is here to serve, create awareness and provide insight for your audience. If your stage aligns with the message of empowerment and growth please submit your request.

As a speaker, Vanja’s most valuable topics to discuss include:

Self belief, Growth and Development

Healing the Emotional Wounds

Mindset Growth


Integration of Eastern and Western Psychology


Speaking Available Opportunities

Podcast Guest

With a warm and engaging presence, Vanja offers valuable insights on communication, intimacy, and navigating relationship challenges.

Masterclass Presenter

Drawing from years of expertise in couples counselling, Vanja delivers sessions that empower participants to enhance their relationship skills and deepen their connections.


As a seasoned counsellor, Vanja brings depth and insight to conversations surrounding love, marriage, and emotional well-being.

Social Media Interviews

As a passionate advocate for relationship wellness, Vanja shares her expertise and wisdom through engaging discussions on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Keynote Speaker

With her captivating storytelling and profound insights, Vanja delivers impactful keynotes that leave audiences inspired and empowered in their relationships.


Vanja is a highly sought after counsellor and international speaker

She has worked with women all over the world to heal their past and find their self belief. She has appeared on numerous podcasts, radio shows and other speaking engagements.

Coming from a war torn country as a refugee to Australia at 11 years old, she has experienced hardship, abuse and had very limiting beliefs. She is now a counsellor who helps others find their own self belief. She is an entrepreneur who wants to empower women that no matter what your past is, you get to choose your future. Her philosophy is understating yourself and healing your wounds will give you a deep freedom, love and abundance you never knew possible.


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