If you are looking at healing your past, finding your voice and creating freedom in your life, book a one on one session and let’s begin.

Let’s work together to find your radiance

The session is centred around YOU.

Together, we will create a tailored approach specific to your needs to ensure maximum growth  and abundance while allowing you to have a deeper level of learning while building personal accountability.

What will I gain from one on one session

Learning to believe in YOURSELF

Gaining the tools to gaining deeper understanding of FREEDOM

Discovering how to let go of outside JUDGEMENT

Empowering your true self to shine through by dispelling FEAR from your life



The session is centred around YOU

Tailored approach to YOUR specific needs

Maximum growth

Deeper level of learning

Personal accountability


Vanja Beric does not accept insurance, provide diagnostics or procedural code for insurance or Medicare billing.
All private sessions with Vanja Beric are considered ‘coaching’ in nature.
By scheduling this session, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

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