Couple Therapy vs Family Therapy

When facing relationship challenges, whether within a couple or among family members, seeking therapy can be a beneficial step towards resolution and healing. However, it’s essential to understand the differences between couple therapy and family therapy to determine which approach best suits your needs.

Choosing Between Couple Therapy and Family Therapy

Deciding between couple therapy and family therapy often depends on the nature of the struggles. Couples therapy focuses on the partnership of two people and their struggles with connection, communication or working through changes in their lives. Family therapy focuses on the family and can include other people in the sessions such as kids, in laws or other members of the family dynamic.

While couple issues can impact other family members (e.g. children) or may be caused my family members (e.g. in laws) in couples therapy we work on how to navigate these issues and how the partners can best support each other.

Issues Addressed in Therapy

In couples therapy couples can address vast range of challenges you are facing and how to navigate these challenges. We work on creating better teamwork to tackle the issue and work through deep seeded issues to build a deeper connection.

Does Couples Therapy Really Work?

The answer the short answer is yes. Looking at statistics, approximately 63.5% of couples that go to couples therapy, report benefits from therapy within the first couple of sessions. Looking at long term benefits 70% of couples report happier relations two years after working with a couples therapist.

97% of couples felt that they got the help they needed from couples therapy.

When I work with a couple I often hear “I wish we had done this sooner, we would have been suffering for so long”. The reason why couples therapy is effective, we work on issues you’re facing and create win win solutions. We also work through any emotions and struggles and create a deep connection between the partners.

Finding the Right Therapist

Finding the right therapist is the key to getting most out of your sessions. Working with someone that you feel comfortable with that you can open up with and build trust with. That feels like they have your back and the ultimate goal is to create a happier, harmonious more supportive relationship.

Someone that have the tools and experience to create that long lasting, happier impact.

By finding the right therapist and committing to the therapeutic process, couples can overcome challenges, strengthen their bond, and build a fulfilling partnership.

In conclusion, whether you choose couple therapy or family therapy, seeking professional help can provide valuable support and guidance in navigating relationship difficulties. With the right approach and commitment, therapy can lead to lasting positive changes and a stronger, more resilient relationship.

Who can benefit from couples therapy?

Answer anyone in a committed relationship who is struggling with creating happiness, harmony and support in their relationship.

What can I expect in a couples therapy session?

In a couples therapy session, you can expect a relaxed environment where we focus on the issues that you as a couple are facing. Even at times, focusing on individual issues and working through whatever hurdle is in front of you to create that bond again. To get back on the same page and walking on the same path.

How often do we need to attend couples therapy?

The frequency of couples therapy sessions depends on your individual circumstances and schedules. Typically we start off with a first session to understand what issues you’re facing as a couple and following sessions we work on creating new interactions and working through the issues.

We usually recommend attending a session once a fortnight (every two weeks). However, if you are FIFO or working away, then we will work based on the schedule.

Is couples therapy confidential?

Yes, couples therapy is confidential. Anything discussed during therapy sessions is kept strictly confidential.

Your privacy and confidentiality are paramount throughout the therapeutic process.

What are the most common issues addressed in couples therapy?

Couples therapy addresses a wide range of issues, where it’s creating division between the couple. It could be communication problems, connection issues, infidelity or support, issue with finances or different parenting styles to name a few.

What if I want to do family therapy?

If you’re interested in family therapy specifically, you can seek resources and information from professional organizations such as the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) if you’re in Australia. They provide valuable resources and can help you find qualified family therapists in your area. Outside of Australia, you can search for family therapy resources specific to your city or country to find suitable options for your family’s needs.


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