Hi, my name is Vanja Beric.

Vanja Beric Counselling helps women find their belief in themselves to live their most radiant selves.

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Struggling with your past?

I’ve been there.

My emotions were influencing my life so much

I couldn’t keep a job

I was so afraid of disappointing people,
I would burst into tears when someone raised their voice slightly.

My self belief was dependent on

how others perceived me

My need to people please, and to be perceived as worthy
in other peoples eyes was destroying my own voice.

My trauma and my past

defined me

Coming from a war torn country, and being sexually abused as a child
let me to feel scared, alone and smaller then a grain of salt.

A lot has changed since then.

There is always something to work through.

Now I feel FREE from others ideas who I should be.

Now my emotions are NOT RUNNING MY LIFE.



Hi, I’m Vanja Beric, and this is my story to allow my radiance to shine

I was 5 when a war broke out in my country, this event changed the course of my life forever. We ran for safety moving from city to city trying to survive. My parents sacrificed everything to shield us from reality and give us somewhat a normal sense of life.

Sadly, even with all their hard work my childhood was plagued with unfortunate events that shaped my life. Including having my first introduction to sex at the age of eight years old. These experiences shaped me into a woman who constantly felt afraid and submissive. I desperately wanted to quiet my own voice and who I was. Be small and play small to survive.

By watching my parents and myself struggle through the war I have learned a number of lessons; most important one is that nothing is forever and that everything passes. These lessons helped me stay focused on the present moment while teaching me the necessity of hard work and resilience. 

In my early 20’s I had a turning point.

I needed to get help so I turned to counselling. It was a life changing decision. So, I have decided I want to dedicate my life to doing the same for others. If you are feeling unworthy, not enough or like you don’t know who you are – I am here to support and help you to find your radiance. By finding my own truth I unleashed my power and it has inspired me to help others. 

Let’s begin your journey today and find your radiance


It is only through self growth that we can find our radiance, our voice and our selves. By offering one another space and ongoing support we are more content in developing that growth.


Awareness is key to growth! It is through awareness that we can heal our wounds, learn from ours and others actions. It is only when we are aware what we need to change that we can begin changing our lives.


By allowing your growth to radiate from within you; you are able to achieve the ultimate goal of freedom. Freedom, freedom to be yourself at your own pace without judgement.


In order to allow growth and freedom to develop you first must do the work. Show up everyday to allow change to happen. In turn, I will show up and support you and together we will radiate.


Gratitude is everything. By accepting and being grateful for your present moment, together we are able to show the human side of growth and flourish.