Hi, my name is Vanja Beric.

Vanja Beric Counselling helps couples transform their relationships by learning how to communicate and resolve conflict.

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Struggling in your relationship?

I’ve been there.

I‘ve been with my husband for 12 years BUT it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

We’re expected to be in relationships that last a lifetime but no one tells us how do it..

We’re not given a marriage manual telling us how to get through those difficult times Like dealing with conflict, setting healthy boundaries and communication.

It’s through my own struggles that I realized I understood very little of my own behaviours and patterns. I often expressed my various emotions, like frustration & hurt through anger – thinking my husband had provoked me and was at fault. That he’d caused my anger. It certainly felt that way.

This is where discovered a unique approach to dealing with conflict and communication struggles and finding the support I needed. . 


I learned how to get back to connection, intimacy, respect and love.

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return. —
Natalie Cole

Let’s begin your journey today and find your connection

When you select your relationship therapist you want someone who understands you, and not just surface-level stuff. But really understands your struggle, your emotions and your goals.

My goal is to provide a safe, welcoming space for you filled with empathy. With years of experience, I have helped couples who were on the brink of divorce to find connection again.

I work with various tools and modalities to understand the root of your problems on a personal and relationship level.

My own development and learning are at the forefront in guiding you back to each other again.